The idea for Surf City Shuttle came about like many great ideas do...while spending an amazing day on the beach. Devon Shirley and Michele Kosinski, both year-round locals, were enjoying a gorgeous spring day at the Pender Avenue access. While watching their young ones play in the sand, they were discussing dinner plans for the weekend. They loved getting their families together for a night out on the town, while simultaneously supporting one of the many local restaurants in Surf City. Unfortunately, transportation options throughout the area were a consistent problem. They knew at dinner, a bottle of wine would be consumed, thus eliminating the option to drive. Experience had shown them that getting a ride-share on the island was virtually impossible. Other transportation choices had been used in the past with mixed results. Ultimately, there were no ideal options.

Thus, Surf City Shuttle was born. Surf City Shuttle's sole purpose is to provide its patrons with a safe, comfortable, convenient travel option to explore Surf City at an affordable, flat-rate price. Whether you're looking for an excellent meal at one of our restaurants, or hoping to have a few cocktails after a fantastic day on the beach, let Surf City Shuttle take the guess work out of your plans.  

Devon Shirley
Michele Kosinski

Devon and her husband, Eric, visited Surf City for the first time in 2015. It was love at first sight. Surf City provided the small town feel they were searching for, along with some truly amazing people, excellent restaurants and shops, and gorgeous beaches. Devon and her family were lucky enough to relocate to the island as permanent residents in January of 2017. If it's sunny and warm outside, you can guarantee that you'll find them on the beach enjoying the sunshine and riding some tasty waves. 

Michele and her husband, Rob, have lived in Surf City since 2012. They, along with their twin boys, love the outdoors and spending time with family and friends. Raising the boys and making their home in Surf City has been exactly what they had hoped for and more. They couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

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