Welcome to Surf City's most exciting new addition: Surf City Shuttle. Whether you're looking for a casual dinner at one of our fantastic local eateries or want to throw back a few brews at one of our many watering holes, Surf City Shuttle is everything you've been hoping for. Our mission is to provide a safe & affordable, clean & convenient method of transportation for all of Surf City's residents and visitors, while allowing our patrons to enjoy all that our island community has to offer. Eat, drink, and be merry without the worries of parking nightmares, drinking and driving, or any other inconveniences that summer has been known to create. Whether you're a local or a visiting vacationer looking for a relaxing night out on the town,

Don't Fuss....Ride the Bus!



Why Ride Surf City Shuttle?

  • Safe, Clean, Convenient, & Affordable Option

  • Prices Start at Just $10 per person, per day

  • Hop on or off as many times as you'd like throughout the day

  • Over 25 different stops at a variety of eating, drinking, and lodging establishments

  • Multiple shuttles make multiple loops

  • Pick up and drop off locations at multiple designated cross streets on the loop

  • Buses are scheduled to pass every stop once every 20 to 25 minutes

Surf City Shuttle Loops

This Loop Coming Soon!

About Us


Find out about our humble beginnings, our mission, and why we think that providing a safe, affordable, and convenient transportation option is so important to our little beach community.

Prices & Passes


Whether you're in town for the day, renting a house for the week, or are a year rounder, check out our different prices and packages to see which option is best for you and your crew. 


Where's the Bus?

Click below to see where our buses are currently in their routes. This should help to provide a rough guesstimate as to when they'll be passing back through. Keep in mind, all stops should have a bus pass by roughly every 15 minutes...so, we'll see you soon!


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